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Fencing Panels

One of the most popular types of fence panels, horizontal fence panels are created from waney edge boards which are slightly overlapped. Horizontal waney edged fence panels provide privacy and keep your garden or property secure.

Feather edge fencing is either sold in individual boards or as panels that are already constructed. They are more robust than horizontal waney fencing, this type of fencing is ideal if you need a more sturdy option or extra security.

This typically English open slatted design is best for decorative or boundary uses rather than privacy or security. Although picket fencing can be used for making sure children or animals can’t escape your garden!

Hurdle fencing constructed using willow or hazel is ideal for adding a decorative division to your garden, and can also be used to add additional privacy.

If you are looking for fencing for your garden or property? There are different types of fencing available and the choice can initially seem quite overwhelming. To help narrow down the right fence for you, there is a quick overview above - still not sure? Give us a call.

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