Laying Topsoil Worcester

Turf n Topsoil 4 U Worcestershire, is the number one supplier of quality topsoil in Malvern, Worcester, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and throughout the West Midlands.

Laying Topsoil

We lay a topsoil mix of soil and sand in a specific proportion. It is a medium loamy soil that looks very black and has a crumbly texture, rich in organic substances.

Any soil in a garden or lawn wears out and loses its crucial minerals with time. You can buy topsoil and replace the upper layer of the soil in your garden or lawn. Topsoil is very popular with people who want us to lay turf and ensure that the turf grows well. In this case, it is applied to a level surface before the turf itself is laid.

The preparation for laying a lawn with topsoil and turf is as follows: we prepare the area and level the ground. Once the ground is ready the topsoil and turf is delivered and as soon as it is received we lay the topsoil, spray it with fertiliser, and work it in. Finally, we can lay the turf.

We would normally aim to lay around 300 kg of topsoil to cover an area of 10 sq mtr with a 2.5 cm deep layer. This is ideal for laying new turf on. Therefore, if you need to cover an area that is three times larger, simply multiply 300 kg by 3.

All our top soil products are available in 1 tonne bulk bags or loose loads, and we feel sure our variations of topsoil will meet the requirements of any lawm or landscaping project.

Turf n Topsoil 4 U offer various landscaping services including turf laying, planting of flower beds and borders, lawn mowing, grass and hedge cutting.

For larger jobs we supply a mini digger and operator. Call us first before you try elsewhere. Call Mike on: 07776 273470

Only the finest quality topsoil and compost is supplied, to ensure your lawn has the best possible base to grow on. We supply topsoil by the bag or in bulk, delivered direct to your location, anywhere, anytime.

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