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Turf grown using very fine-leaved grass species. This type of turf is used to make bowling greens or golf greens. It has a beautifully velvety texture but needs expert care to keep it looking good.

Low maintenance lawn seed for games, kids and pets. Produces super green grass ideal for clay soils. Quick to establish, hard wearing, easy to maintain and easy to repair damaged areas.

Meadow turf is either turf which has been specially grown for the UK landscape market. Or it’s referring to turf that has been harvested from a meadow.  Expect to see coarse, agricultural grasses; possibly some weeds; and a thicker layer of soil (because the root system hasn’t formed a mat the way it does in cultivated turf).

When you see the term “cultivated turf” used to describe lawn products that means it’s been grown especially for harvesting. It will be grown from a carefully selected mixture of lawn grass seed varieties and very carefully tended so that it has no broadleaved weeds, a nice tight growth area and a vigorous, healthy root system.

Speak to one of our turfing experts and let us help you choose the best version for your project. We have supplied and fitted turf extensively throughout the region over many years, and helped our customers create gardens that will hopefully last a lifetime.

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